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Protecting His Soul - Amber Kell Eh, why the fuck not?Since, you know, I already know it's going to be bad/ridiculous (even for Amber Kell) walking in...#becausefuckyou #pornlogicftw #whoneedsreallogicwhenyoucanhavepornlogicpost-read EtA:I actually quite like the cover. The concept is interesting and actually pretty well worked.This story makes me wonder if I should create a "consummate pulp" shelf because this is one of those I need to judge/rate on a different scale than I would, say, Signal to Noise or Captive Prince or Remastering Jerna.For one thing, the writing's not that stellar. It's fairly explicative and really rather awkward.I really don't understand characters who have word vomit. The "oh. I must have said that out loud" ones. I guess maybe because I've never really met someone who's had issues with that...?Argh. This is so frustrating and sad because the concepts are beautiful and there are little heartstring-tug-y moments, but then it's all "let me tell you all about it straight on," which really pulls you out of the realism of the moment.I mean, it gets the info across, but it's really jarring. Like the Kool-Aid Man breaking through the fourth wall every few minutes.And it's little things. I mean, I can brainstorm a couple of little things - usually character interaction/action things - that could help create at least the illusion the characters are interacting and not purposefully stating shit for the readers.It's also awkward the receptionist girl "died her hair."Uhh...let's see...Hm. Okay.Kudos for the zombie-sex, I guess? It was, at least, interesting in a "well...that's not something you see every day" sort of way.I mean, it's got good stuff, but all in all, it's really...contrived and trite. As with all pulp. So it is, after all, consummate pulp, even though it has some good parts...And yeah. I think it would have been a lot better without the sex, actually. The Cullen (*snortgiggle) "petting his kitty" moments, as the MC (whatever his name is) described them were actually quite amazingly tragic in an adorable, yet heart-aching way...