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Spirit Sanguine - Lou Harper They speak of Inception.And yes, Harvey does make it all worth it.This is absolutely great. It's fun, quirky, kooky, eccentric, totes out there, man, and that makes it all the more awesome.How does one sneak over a border from Hungary into the US? It's not like they're right next to each other...idk if it's just the way it was phrased or what, but that's the impression I'm getting of what is implied. I mean, I know that for America, the world is America (I couldn't find a pic of that one episode where America pulls out a "world map" and it's just various parts of USA, so here's this instead ^^)(well, this kind of has it...http://mangafox.me/manga/hetalia/v01/c004.5/3.html)But seriously. How does that work?HETALIA MAGIC.But yeah. I liked it. It was actually quite great. It's really long, too - kind of like having three books in one. That's cool because you get to the point where you almost got too much of the characters, but not quite. It didn't leave me annoyed and pissed because I wanted more of the characters, and at the same time, not so tired of them I don't ever want to read about them anymore.Also, Harvey's part Chinese, so ASIAN, REPRESENT! YEAH!That part about Harvey being a vampire crack baby...the way that was presented gave me feels