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The Student Prince - FayJay I have a sneaking suspicion that this is written by an American person...or at least, a non-British person (usage of "Merry Christmas," no real Britishisms, just...idk, stuff...ETA I'm not really sure where the above came from, but apparently I'm heinously wrong about it. Wouldn't surprise me; the only "real" British people I've encountered are various piano examiners when I was a very young child (whom I was hard-pressed to understand; how cruel is that to throw an 8 year old kid who grew up in America to a British examiner they flew in from London? Ah, well. My fault for taking ABRSM, I guess :D) and my 8th grade math teacher, who'd already lived in America for several years prior to me meeting her (she still had her accent, though).It was nice. Cleverly written. A very cute story and very nice retelling of sorts.