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The Alpha King - Vicktor Alexander It's not bad, but it gets too explicative. I mean, the world creation seems to have a lot of work put in it, but the info-dump makes my eyes want to slide away from the page.The prologue wasn't bad, actually - quite prosaic - but later on, it gets really...pedantic.Blah, blah, blah. Pages and pages of regurgitation of the concept the author came up with for the world, then this:In short, Tal discovered everything he'd thought about himself had been a lie. And he could remember the horrible conversation like it happened yesterday.And that's all I needed to know.Moving on.Argh. Idk if it's the execution or what but everything seems to have been fabricated for the sake of an mpreg end. It doesn't seem...natural, organic. It's oddly stilted. It makes me want to Hulk-smash in frustration because THIS COULD BE SOOO GOOD. THERE'S SO MUCH ANGST-FODDER AND STUFF.And the name GPA just brings back horrible memories. I mean, seriously? Naming a galactical alliance after grade point averages? Fuck you, too.Yes, this is a comment-as-I-go now.argh. You know what? Good. I'm glad he made his mother cry. This...is so boring.I don't care about being lectured by proxy. It's like Dora moments everywhere. The characters are saying stuff, but they are too aware of the see-through fourth wall and so are actually speaking to the audience. Awkward, awkward, awkward. And there's a GPA Academy.Skipping ahead searching for sex in 3...2...And what is up with the capitalization of "son"? Is he actually Jesus? I can't think of any other reason (being diplomatic and assuming the author just doesn't know how to capitalize) for this Tal (lol totally forgot his name for a while) would be "Son"...THIS CONVERSATION IS SO STILTED. Man, I thought I could wait it out.Argh. This is horrible. I wish I knew the name of the LI so I could search for his name and skip all the bullcrap I don't want to sit through.Nevermind. Got on GR and found it. I'm still trying to understand why humans are held at such mystical regard. I mean, what. Are they the lost tribe of Atlantis or something?Argh, wtf. At this point, I give up on the plot. The characterization is wtf and lost under the info-dump. The entire thing is pm a lecture disguised as a novel.These names are killing me. Killing me. *snort* Mailon Saungfreid...This phrase is killing me. "his inner wolf settled down into a ball"It settled into a ball.I also think this Tal dude is waaaay TSTL. I mean, his race is hunted and he just goes around handing out his name? A purported galatically famous name?Any "declaring" always reminds me of Gone with the Wind.*sighHonestly? I think I'm only still reading this because apparently the dude'll legit grow a womb. I mean, I don't even care about the impending sex much except as a vehicle of said womb-growing.LOL THERE IS KNOTTING. I am amused.lol random sex. w/e, right?I love how this disease is named "givab." That's so ghetto, man. It's hilarious. It's like Laquifa the PMP. ("They say 'LAQUIFA!' ...And I say 'WHAT!?'")I love this mention of "the One" as a deity/primordial force. All hail Neo?Argh. idgaf, idgaf, idgaf. skip, skip, skip. When do I get to arrive at the angst? Or the pregnancy? The pregnancy will bring angst, right?More info dump.I laugh at the Greek alphabet collection going on.Why do I feel like the author spelled this Elder Bryce's last name differently this time?OMG. This. "Volcanic Volauntic Moonshine"Can you see why I have a hard time taking this seriously? (Aside from, you know, everything else)Commas are necessary to offset names.Oh, man. The plot's all over the place. It has its moments when it works, but it seems more like a series of decent disparate scenes. *sigh. This is sooo close to that place where it's so wrong it's right. Where it's so absolutely riduculous and wtf that it's a bunch of froofy fun.I still don't quite get why the MC+LI got together. It just...happened.I am appalled by the lack of trauma with le bros. I mean, come on. Sheesh. That is the height of non-realism.Paul doesn't get to die right before the Armistice because he's ruined for civilian life and these people - who were farther traumatized far earlier - get to just be normal and stuff.Also, these kids get the Most Fuckable award. Even that Alpha King (pha-king) is attracted to them. Very highly attracted to them.*sigh. Well...it was kind of a bunch of froofy...I hesitate to call it fun.I'm also disappointed to say that I don't really think he actually grew a womb. And they opted for the Eresse-Ylandre method of male birth.How the Tal dude went from "NO. I'M NEVAH GONNA DO IT" to "OH, GOD, YES. PLEASE FUCK ME."...I guess porn-logic prevails again.