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A Rose is a Rose - Jet Mykles Sweets for the sweet.Carson as a character is interesting because he's a magpie, but he knows it and it bothers him. I totally get that because while I'm Asian and Asian courtesy dictates that we politely (read:forcefully) decline gifts and such, I, at least, am really utilitarian and I don't see problems accepting gifts. Except I do. D:So yeah. Awkward incomplete rant short, I really identify with Carson. Okay, maybe I'm not an uber-attractive burlesque dancer, but I get his mentality.Oh, Eddie. Eddie is of the "too good to be real" class that we all secretly love and yearn for. Yeah. I liked it. You know? I don't actually like the cover. I never really liked Nunn's work and especially for this one, I don't think the cover figure looks as if he'd be able to effortlessly mistaken for a girl. I mean, I can see him looking like a pretty fishy queen, but the cover dude's pretty butch...(all in the face, girl, all in the face).The faces are always too angular in a mannish way... *sigh