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Ermine & Bougainvillea - I.D. Locke I hate Torquere.That being said, YAAAAAAYYYKINKY VINESEX FUN.With adorable stoat-ness and happy trilling.This reminds me of the adorable fluffy kems in adorable [b:A Fluffy Tale|8887869|A Fluffy Tale|Ann Somerville|http://d.gr-assets.com/books/1282025524s/8887869.jpg|13763912]...The BDSM didn't seem very intense, though. The entire thing was really light and fluffy and I never really fully got a sense of surrender from....shit. What's his name?Wynn. That dude.*sighI mean, 4 cuz of the vines, but honestly, it's probably more a 3. It was light and fluffy, but that didn't work with the kink, imo. It was supposedly more intense than anything either of 'em had been able to do before and either they had really pathetic previous encounters or the supposed intensity just didn't translate through. Plus, there was sounding, which I'm not so much a big fan of. *sigh...I may have actually liked the initial encounter much more than when they got back together after the supposed leading the coyotes off the trail or whatever and started sexing it up.Welp. There were still vines, which are kind of like tentacles...