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Masked Submission - Claire Thompson This features, by far, the most poetic - I guess most bullshit, in a way - description of hazel eyes I have ever seen.The Big Reveal was...melodramatic. I think Dylan rather overreacted... Or rather, acted in the most melodramatic way possible. The aftermath was also the weirdest thing I'd ever read. It was like watching actors in a self-aware play. And then after that, anything Jack did seemed really...heavy-handed and gauche. Like one of those "play-Doms" they'd been criticizing and ridiculing earlier.But then, maybe I'm being unfair to these books I read. Maybe I'm taking "quality literature" aesthetics and values and attempting to apply them to the more pulpy end of popular fiction.And I'm sorry, but I think "Jack without his disguise" is less masterful and dominant. Maybe it's partly name association...I couldn't really read the last part. I was just waiting for it to end. The climax happened, the dénouement happened, and then...more shit was happening. It was like the author decided to go ahead and write several .5 stories and then went ahead and included them at the end. 30 pages left and still waiting for the end... Commence skimming.20 pages left and still waiting for the end... Commence extreme skimming.Oh, God. Finally.I think this was a bad miscalculation on the author's part. Or maybe it's just me. Either way, I pretty much didn't care for the last idk how much.