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Half Blind - Christine  Price I'd like to say something. First off, Canada. Canada.Okay, now that I got my 'Murica moment over...Oh, who am I kidding?The entire thing was a 'Murica moment. I'm sorry, but I cannot help but snicker every time I hear "Canada" or any of its derivative forms.Anyways, I pretty promptly forgot what CSIT stood for except there's Canada (*snicker) somewhere in it.Also...GODDAMN BITCH. Yeah, wait until the middle of the book to spring that fucking "Charles" shit trap. I'd just gotten used to seeing him being referred to by the horrendous and aesthetically unpleasing name of "Greer," damnit. And now I have to start thinking of him as Charles?No.GFDI, I'm going to be like "O_o who da fuq is Charles?" for a great portion of this.With surprisingly little effort, he lifted them both up into the air.But damn.Defrosting Ice Queen, cat burglary, AND stodgy old-fashioned names? The last part/ending was really weird. I don't think I liked it.That makes me sad, since it's got the urban fantasy Harry Dresden (not really) sort of thing going on....