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Sacred Fate - Eressë 1/24/13I nice little read. It's high fantasy, but unlike Andrew Ashling's series, the m/m element is incorporated into the plot, as opposed to high-fantasy-plot with some m/m on the side. (But that's not altogether a big issue for Ashling's series, so w.e)This is unlike anything I've ever read and it really does seem kind of like a guilty-pleasure read, prolly cuz of that soul-mate thang. I like how that death-of-all-females thing was prefaced a bit so it wasn't just an awk gimmicky excuse to have lots of guy-sex. (Well...they're hermaphrodites. Does that still make it guy-sex? Hermaphrodite-sex? Argh. This is why English needs gender-neutral pronouns that aren't demeaning [i.e. not "it"])The stomach-birth thing was a little weird. I don't see why the babies can't just be born from the "sheath." It's not like with other mpreg where they have ass-babies.(ETA: ohhhhh wait. Ah, I get it. It's cuz they also have penises and balls, so their hips can't dislocate for delivery (or whatever it is female bones do to get out of the way of the birth canal).)On a much larger scale, I'm still mind-boggled by the physiological/genetic implications of the whole hermaphrodite thing. I mean, first off, where the hell would everything fit? Human anatomy is already packed in pretty tight. Do they have shorter intestines or something so there's room for a womb? Do you know how much room two sets of working reproductive organs would take up?Yeah, I get it's fiction, but still. This question just bothered me throughout. Where would it all go?Also, I am ambivalent towards the cover. The composition is rather nice, but I don't really like their faces *sigh.Rohyr should have less of a baby face (or something. actually, it might be that hair. yeah, I think it's the hair. have different hair.) and Lassen should have less of a Draco-face. i.e. more of a pretty-boy face and less sister-snake-ish.Edit 5/20/13Man, I can't believe I didn't mention this earlier (or realized this earlier) but Lassen is totes a Queen Esther. And there is definitely a rather definitive Queen Esther moment with Lassen when he approaches the court and Rohyr with his scepterAnyways, just thought I'd share what must be a sudden inspiration, if I didn't mention it earlier.