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The Ultimate Submission - Zev de Valera Oh, huh. The blurb is different now....Is the free version different from the version that charges money? Cuz I still have a copy of the free version that I need to read...Idk, man. The blurb still hits on some peeve points for me, but this book seems to have some good reviews, albeit by peeps I don't know.D:...one of my Goodreads friends needs to read this.The author's note confuses me a bit. It sounds like the author's trying to say that xe really, really wanted to make the characters a lot younger, but was forced to make them older because of "graphic descriptions of sex acts." The "However, since..." sounds like the author's trying to convey in a really, really oblique way that the reader ought to actually visualize the characters a lot younger (because they were actually written that way, even though they're nominally 18+).