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The Prince's Dresses - Desirée de L'éncrée [3.5/5, rounded down because its current overall rating is a 4 (yes, I'm petty like that)]O_O The Queen lady pulled a Padme.EewwwwwwwGah. How does one of such delicate temperament become a successful queen? Her advisers must coddle the crap out of her.And, having studied Spanish in school, I'm rather resentful the Arcane Language appears to be French (or bastardized French; I don't know enough French to make a determination one way or another).O_O The Henry-Sango thing was actually quite good at first, but then it became really, really squicky. Squicky in its Orientalism implications.commenting as I read, la-de-da-da~There is awkward pronoun confusion. When Nuname (what an awkward name) first kidnaps Aerin, he calls her "princess," but then refers to her as "him" in the narration. I feel like, since it's third person limited, the author should have kept the pronouns constant until the Big Reveal. Unless the peeps who'd commissioned the kidnapping already told him? But then he later refers to him as "her" consistently...All of the characters seem to have issues with word vomit. The author needs to be aware that characters are allowed to think things in their head. And the author's allowed to portray that.And the author-person totally took the pirate thing from Princess BrideThis Aerin person is definitely TSTL. Hello, stranger. Let me tell you my life story.Okay, the pronouns are a lost cause. They wander willy-nilly and are used whenever. I would have liked to see a little more deliberate use of the pronouns in conjunction with the narrations. Would have strengthened it, I think.All of the characters act with too much knowledge. Either that, or they all deserve the Darwin Award.You know what? I don't care. This book is absurd and doesn't make sense and I'm just going to go along with the zany ride of wtf.Read this, people. Read it for teh lulz. You are in some crazy, zany alternate universe whose basis of logic is almost - but not quite - completely unlike our own.This thing... so...many..descriptions...of foooodAll that jazz about souls and shit... Are they saying Aerin is his father's soul reborn? Which would make Nunu(whatever his name is. Imma just call him "Nunu" from now on) and Jono were soul mates? Or is it that they were, but their souls weren't quite at the right calibrations, so they weren't? And then... ARE THEY IMPLYING NUNU'S SPECIES IS CAPABLE OF MALE BIRTH???Something I'm a little unhappy about. Why is intercourse dirty? "impure"? That's really...Victorian of you.The sex is really, really sugary. And then it's awkwardly formal. It's like reading of an intellectual discovering sex. Trying to reconcile the technical terms of genitalia and intercourse into something flowery and "poetic."I really do think Nunu's pregnantThe riddles were interesting.I still think Nunu's preggerslater edit:Well, not quite, but I was kind of right.You know what. It's weird shit. Really weird shit. And it becomes kind of banal towards the end. Eh. But whatever.Still, it's a worthwhile read, I think, partly because it's so (other than the end) rather out of the norm for M/M (imo, anyways. but then, we may read different m/m stuff)