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The Janitor - Jan  Irving The cover kind of annoyed me at first, but it's only briefly. It's gorgeous and full of raw intensity. It's quite cool, actually.There is a lot of emphasis on relative positions. (The whole top/bottom thing.) Was kind of overdone, actually. It's quite awkwardly obvious. Which is awkward.But oh, man. Totally sucked in. Dane. Dane, you woobie, you. I don't know to laugh or cry, man. You make me feel too many feelz for me to even tell anymore.It starts devolving into a sexplosion...O_o and then Dane's calling Noel "Daddy" wtfThat's really, really creepy.And then kind of meh'd out towards the end. Still, I rather liked it (not really cuz of the end. I agree with the observation Adriana made.