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Where You Are - J.H. Trumble It was actually quite good.It's weird for me when I see rl references, probably because I generally read so much high fantasy. Every (rare) time I recognized some of the lyrics, I had a little "Aha!" moment...Also, Robert's a bandie, so BAND GEEK SOLIDARITY!I like the way the emotions are handled. I mean, the issues explored are rather tough and controversial and all that, but I rather liked it.Much as it pains me, I do kind of agree with Susan of the 2-Star Review as she said in her comments about how the it seemed to change after the consummation. I wouldn't necessarily say the characters were completely different people, though. The tone and direction did seem to change, but not that drastically...I also find it understandable why such a change would have occurred, so that wasn't a huge issue with me.Actually, reading Susan's comment (as I explicated above) kind of drew me out of the book a bit. I don't say that as accusation; I felt the same thing, though not necessarily to as drastic a degree as she did.There is a change, but I feel that in the end, they're all still the same people. Argh, that comment has me over-analyzing the characterization now =_=This is why I generally wait until after reviewing to read other people's reviews =_=Well, no. The book managed to pull me back in, so kudos all around.I did feel it was abrupt, though. It was weird because it cut off and then cut back, but in Andrew's POV. Rather disorienting...I mean, I personally have an aversion to the teacher-student thing because of the profusion of bad yaoi out there, but this book actually tugged at my heartstrings a couple of times.I can see how some people would dislike it. I just don't follow their beliefs :DExtended rant(-ish?)I personally haven't had one of those "so in love I just can't control myself" situations, but I can easily see how it can happen. Yeah, dispassionate, cynical view of humans and all, but all that aside, I can see it.The human mind is geared towards survival of the most basest form. If experiencing chronic increased levels of stress, it will start adjusting its equilibrium to that. Through a sort of inadvertent desensitizing, I can see how it'd be easier to take just one more risk, just a little longer, especially since they haven't gotten caught.I was also rather good friends with some of my high school teachers (and I also tended to run in the AP/Honors circle, but surely THAT has nothing to do with it...) so I totally get some of the issues that Andrew ran into with his kids.It actually reminded me of a lot of [b:Salem Falls|10915|Salem Falls|Jodi Picoult|http://d.gr-assets.com/books/1344397557s/10915.jpg|3349637] in not just subject, but also tone. It's actually quite amazingly eloquentAnother thing: I can totally empathize with Robert. I've totally had that experience before - when you're still not "legal" and people who "are" can't seem to decide if you're an adult or not. You are when it suits them to pile "responsibilities" onto you and you aren't when it suits them to take control.I get the feeling that no, things aren't going to magically change when you're 18; your cognition isn't going to magically adjust to "adult" mode, and yet, they act as if it matters.Anyways, I thought it was a good book....What more can I say?(No, honestly, I can't think of anything else. I'm still sitting basking in the bittersweetness of the ending. But it was bittersweet in a good way, I think.)I'm still pissed that Andrew couldn't go back to teaching, which I feel he genuinely did love (not necessarily the freshman, but I totally understand that. Oh, god, freshmen =_=). I understand why not, but ARGH. The injustice of the world still rankles me.Actually, this is one of the few m/m books I've read (maybe I just read too much pulp?) that I felt like I got something deep and meaningful out of, that it wasn't just a way to kill some time.The discussion guide at the end made me laugh because I always feel like books with discussion guides = trying too hard, but I realize that sometimes they're put there by the publisher.I don't normally read these things, so I don't exactly have a point of reference, but some of those questions are actually quite good.Some I just disliked.*shrug. I personally liked it. That's no guarantee than anyone else will.