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Bound By Nature - Cooper Davis Whenever there's stuff about large bulging muscles or whatever, I always picture stuff like this (NSFW): http://albron.wordpress.com/3d-group-gallery/#jp-carousel-328It's quite awkward because honestly, body builders are really damn freaky. They kind of pass the line (or gulf) between attractively buff and over-large, swollen monstrosities.The cover image people are nowhere as buff as the descriptions would lead you to believe. Apparently, they get even larger O_oThe time jump is awful.It starts in the past and is all nice and stuff, but then suddenly jumps into the future. You have to rebuild context (of which there is little)Actually, no. No, no, no, no, no.It was pretty good until the first time skip. And then it fell apart.The time skips are horrible. It forces the a sense of suspense and drama. Add to it all the horribly purpleness of what's going on now, the story doesn't seem to develop naturally. There's no need for all of the pseudo-suspense created from this purposeful withholding of information while obfuscating like crazy.Part of it may be the formatting. For the flashbacks to work or even be marginally effective - especially given all of the soap opera gimmicks the author stuck in - it has to be a bit more romanticized. A bit better embedding, maybe. Making it part of the narration instead of having such clear cuts to and fro.There is also a case of mistaken identity, which is one of my top pet peeves. Josh's boss suddenly goes from talking to Josh on the phone to Hayden, who magically morphs into Josh again.Hayden's characterization and character death doesn't make sense.There's too much melodrama going on. I think what the author created is - can be - strong enough to stand on its own without all of the stupid posturing that's going on. And I think that especially the first Big Reveal would have been a lot more impactful if it had been more plainly stated. The purpleness makes it melodramatic, whiny, and just godawfully annoying in general. The parts where the author lets all of the melodrama go are quite good. They're impactful and actually quite effectively appeal to pathos.Alas. Those moments are brief, short-lived, and ephemeral as a soap-bubble butterfly.And then you get awkward, stilted repetition. The author is relying on crutches.Argh. Another time skip. These things are getting very seriously annoying. And unnecessary.And logic. What logic? The window is unlocked and slightly open. The reasonable course of action, of course, would be then to jump through the window into the house, smashing all of the glass. If there were a burglar, this is the best course of action for stealth. If you were just wanting to break in, this is also the best course of action for stealth. This is the best course of action, period. Argh. Their character dynamics are so damn annoying. I just want to bitch-slap them both. SHUT. UP. STOP YOUR FUCKING WHINING. NOBODY GIVES A DAMN. TSTL all around and incontrollable word vomit. OH, GOD. STOP IT WITH THE FUCKING TIME JUMPS. Yes, at some point, this became a comment-as-I-go.TMI - too many italics. Gah. It's like a comic book =_=Blah, blah, blah. I don't care. Skip, skip, skip. (Honestly, you already said it happened. You don't have to backtrack and give us pages and pages of excruciating detail.)This whole "reclaiming of memory" thing is, frankly, kind of stupid. It's all mythicized dramaticized. It became a manga-epic-journey-into-the-wilderness-in-search-of-memory-tokens-that-will-reabsorb-into-your-being. And I really wanted Hayden to bottom, ever since he was first introduced. Okay, I think the random italics is some kind of weird encoding issue. Ah, fuck. And here I was, thinking all of the time skips were over. Nope. Another trip back to the past-land, where no one really needs to be anyways.Gah. The "big reveal" is probably the stupidest thing I've ever read. It probably isn't, but that's how it feels right now.Really, really stupid.Argh. Thank goodness this particular time skip is over.This Kira person. She is plot device. That all. Flat. Underdeveloped. Wholly awk. She's making me type in broken English.By the time the rape was revealed, I was so done with it that I didn't give a crap. Besides, it was kind of obvious it happened. What pissed me off the most about it is how weak an ineffectual Josh is portrayed as and how Hayden's the consummate jerk jock type. I mean, what's up with that?Plot inconsistencies?So, these wolves have heightened smell in human form, yet need to transform into wolf form for heightened sight? *sighI wanted Josh to be a lot stronger. He's a woman in the full sense of paternalism and orientalism. Gah. Gender theory depresses me. I don't know how Emma does it.I...pretty much didn't read the last 10 pages or so. It was boring. I started thinking about garlic fries I was so uninterested.Another good point brought up by Gloria that I hadn't realized: The "bait and switch" comment. It's true. This book leads you to believe it's about something it's not. I mean, maybe if you squint, but I still think the past issue is not a present issue. Also, the past problem never quite seems fully resolved. Maybe I just missed it in all my skimming. Either way, they're both really weak an ineffectual, no one more so than Josh. Josh is Padme Amidala. We get glimpses of his maybe-BA potential, but it all goes down the drain when he falls for Anikin-douchebag-Hayden. *sigh