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Bless Us With Content - Tinnean I had a really hard time getting into it. I kept seeing the words instead of what they were saying. My eyes would stop reading and slide to focus on the lines on the page instead of the actual words. It was quite an odd phenomenon.I think it's the Jane Austen phenomenon. I seem to have an issue with slightly more archaic prose and this one seems to capture the essence of Victorian novels.Still, it's quite good. I totally empathize with Ashton. I mean, I have no idea what's going on, really - it's like listening to someone with a really thick accent speaking - but damn, all of the feelz...It's quite like real life in that there are miscommunications that seem genuine. There's so much dramatic irony - well, not really, since we have no idea what's going on with Geo - that it's painful. You know what? I don't care that I have issues with Victorian prose. It seems realistic to me. The comedy of errors seems realistic and understandable. Geo made me laugh. You know, that part when Ashton's worrying about whether or not he'd be able to sire and heir and Geo's like: dw, dude. "I'll roger you while you do your husbandly duty."Oh, Geo.AND OMG. THERE IS REFERENCE TO THE GODOLPHIN ARABIAN. KING OF THE WIND~I'm so seriously geeking out it ain't even funny.So, yeah. I get to the end and I still feel like I have no idea what the heck just happened. Still, I think I liked it.The title's really weird, as is the cover.