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Hair of the Dog - Ashlyn Kane, Morgan   James It's good. The dynamics are great, I can relate to the characters, there's plausible misunderstandings and shit that gets overlooked, etc. The UST is delicious and the hints of kink are suitably understated, yet not completely overlooked. I like that it works into the whole pack dynamics idea. It was a bit weird at first that there are only two "classes," since most werewolf books seem to go into a whole full-blown Greek alphabet collection, but it's nice because the focus is on the intrigue and not trying to figure out a whole fantasy society. I like that there are still subtle distinctions within the two, but since they're not "omega," "delta," "gamma," whatever, the focus isn't splintered.The author committed to the world. Xe brought in points and interwove the entire thing.The thing about the itch he couldn't quite scratch at the bar with Nick was nicely woven into the first time between Callum and Ezra. At the same time, Nick was't completely dismissed either (you can tell cuz I still remember Nick's name). It's nice because it demonstrates (not just tells us) that it's not Nick's fault he isn't Callum.More importantly, THERE ARE BEAUTIFUL SUBTLE NUANCES. IT'S BEAUTIFUL.Awkwardness - NFWS. Idk what the acronym stands for, but I keep seeing NSFW.And then it ended...NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOhttp://nooooooooooooooo.com/I kind of read it in bits and pieces so maybe my memory's a little faulty, but I really rather liked it. The parts seemed to work together all nicely and stuff and it ties in nicely.