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The Great Rabbit Hunt - A.C. Ellas Right about now the entire thing starts seeming really kitschy. The way it's broken into a series makes it seem like a series of porn installments instead of a serious book/series. I really wish that somehow the author could have connected them (all? or at least more of them) because otherwise, it feels gauche.Because it's so chopped up, it feels like it's defined by the sex instead of by the plot. This is exacerbated by the fact that the sex IS part of the plot, for obvious reasons if you've read it.There's so much here that can be taken seriously that it annoys me it got...cheapened.O_O This dude's wings bend backwards.I figured it out. What's making it feel like installments to a porn series. It's that each seem so short (or encompass such a short time period) and all is pretty much laid out in the blurb. You pretty much already know what you're going to get. I mean, it's elaborated on and illustrated further, but the blurbs pretty much tell you everything.Add that to how short each installment seems and you get a series of books that are defined by the sex. The flaky wings are starting to worry me now. I mean, what the heck, man. Is this some weird form of dandruff? Or should we be worrying that large flakes of...skin? something...are flaking off O_O