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Resurrection - A.C. Ellas Why are the plot points repeatedly repeated?I mean, we get it. A wall fell on him. Or rather, he was told a wall fell on him and that's the only truth he knows. We get it. We get it. You don't need to keep repeating it. People's memories aren't that shitty.Then again, I'm reading these in quick succession.*shrugAlso, Jisten's memory loss regarding their intercourse is getting really, really old. I mean, come on. What the hell is up with this dude? He can't remember having sex?The first time, okay maybe. The second?And why the hell did they both have morphine - I mean morphea - before they had at it again?...Oh, wait. The intercourse happened in the last book.Still.It's weird because when Rak first went to the country whose name I forget, it was mentioned several times that he speaks for the council. However, somewhere along the way when he was talking to Jist, he said something like he has no authority or whatever.Now, he again says he speaks for the council....Gah. Author, get yo' own facts straight.I still have no idea really what a Valer is and why Jisten's so castigated. I don't see any hints that set him apart from others other than the fact that he's so...sheltered. But that just gives him TSTL points that annoy me =_=And huh. That damned tattoo. You know, when the first described it, I thought it was really stupid. I mean, he's already got physical wings. Wing tattoos on his front? What kind of gimmicky gauche idiot comes up with shit like that?Hm...the spell...I wonder if the spirit thing is going to come into play later?The old thing still applies. If it were all one, the breaks wouldn't be so evident and the plot would be stronger. A lot of extraneous repetition could be cut out and thought it'd be really long, it could be really, really, really good.This also has ridiculous references to anatomy.ass=tunnelpenis=poleArgh. And everything is connected to sex. Okay, as I said before, this could be so good if it didn't feel like the author was trying to fulfill a quota. Gah. And it gets worse. It's like there's plot, and then there's erotica, and the erotica kind of has a little bit to do with the plot, but it's mostly just there just cuz.There are hints that it could be part of something bigger, some sinister overplot, but the threads are generally forgotten and left to drift.