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Assassins - A.C. Ellas Actually, no. It's there. The subtle shifts in Rak's cognition.I'm a little unsettled because it's so dark. I mean, I want happiness. It's just despair all around. It's quite horrible.The rest of the "authority" figures are so incompetent...all of them. The king, the prince (well, that's a given), the captain...The slaves, the rest of the guardsmen, other people...Only Forael (for real) seems vaguely not-incompetent, but he's in way over his head and he's not around most of the time.And there's so much forgetting going around. Does no one in this book have a memory span? (I ask mournfully.)Hmmm...Then again, I suppose it's true he never outright said there were no oaths....unless he did?It's so sporadic. Things are jumping all over the place. What I thought were already established plot points are reintroduced as novel, rehashed, agonized over again and again, and dug up and aired out like so much dirty laundry.And yet, the sex isn't.Which is why this seems more porn-oriented. Who needs plot consistency when there's hot sex?The tunnel/pole thing still weirds me out a lot.And the implications of Rak having a huge-ass tongue, apparently.Argh. There better be something revealed later about some evil spell over the lot of them screwing with their memory - short and long term, it seems.And Jisten and the dragon...he seems TSTL. Airhead blonde at its stereotypical worst. And lolwhat.His wings are extremely sensitive?And so it begins...I always thought it was weird that any extra-human-appendages (is there another term for this? appendages humans don't have?) are always, always extremely extra sensitive.I mean, what sense does that make?Tails make sense because they're attached to the spine, so pulling on it hurts.Wings?That junction between the wings and back?Isn't that just like a shoulder or elbow?Or if someone has pointy ears. Then the ear tips are supremely sensitive.I mean, yeah. Ears can be sensitive. But specifically the tips are erogenous zones?What? Can you imagine how impractical that is? The merest of breezes could set the being off. Jeez.The changes are weird. I can't tell if a bunch of old darkness is rising again because of the way the H dude is fucking with his cognition or if he's always been like this.Gah. There's so much flak and bullshit floating around...And wtf they all got morphine - I mean morphea - addictions or something?Even worse is that Rak seems to have no autonomy. Yes, he's nominally free, but he still acts like a slave. A rebellious slave, sure, but a slave nonetheless.But hey. The plot picks up in this one. Especially towards the end. Highly annoying, but it's okay; I have the next installment.