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Midnight Matters - A.C. Ellas The dedication. "For fandom."Ah. I see. We've devolved into caveman-speak. Araken. That name. Have I talked about it before? Huh. I haven't.Well, that's clearly a cross between Aragorn and Kraken.Araken. All of my reviews in this series are meant to be read one after another, much like how I read the books. Mayhaps I will post updates about that in my previous reviews, mayhaps not.You know what? The amnesia's really tiring. It's a tired old trope the author's using as a crutch now. *snort. So many conveniently timed head injuries? This is kind of stupid. Rak and Jisty's convos are some of the weirdest I've ever read. Man, I suppose Jisty's a more convincing happy-go-lucky type since he actually is that stupid, but it's frustrating because I really, really watch that stupid bastard to catch a clue.And what the hell is wrong with the king dude?Someone please tell me he's under a spell and he's not really that much of an idiot.Actually, he's the type that I can't tell if he's a genius or an idiot. Or rather, if he's an idiot or if he's so profoundly genius he just seems like an idiot.I hate how the only one who seems to have a modicum of common sense is so powerless. And then as more information became available, something became painfully obvious.YOU FOOLS. YOU DAMN FUCKING FOOLS. THE FUCKING ANSWER WAS RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOU. "Need some link between night and day-" YOU STUPID FOOLS. JISTY, WORSHIPER OF OF SI'YENI? THE SUNSET? THE FUCKING LINK BETWEEN NIGHT AND DAY? YOU STUPID BASTARDS.Argh. I hate to say this, but we need a Deus ex Machina.