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Zotien's First Law - A.C. Ellas How can they each be so stupid? Are those assumptions even logical? Is this just dramatic irony having me declaim each of them?And apparently, this morphea thing isn't just a pain-killer but also a magic panacea.Anyways, the Jethain thing is still a bit of a stretch, but it cuts out a lot more annoying wangst, so w/e.And dang. What's gonna happen with Ave and Tyll?Anyone remember them? I do.It's benefitting from focusing more on the plot. Either that or I finally got fed up and skipped through the pages and pages of sex.Either way, it's starting to come together.It's interesting because it's so subtle. Things are magically starting to get better, but there's no one big "turning point" moment (which isn't to say there isn't a turning point. it's just not blatantly obvious).