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My Father's Lover - D.J. Manly O: Michael's one of 'em self-hatin' gays...Actually, you know what, I start to get the feeling they're all a little self-hating.Michael inviting Evan and Dougie into his father and Daniel's room was a travesty. It was done for all of the wrong reasons - because he wanted to send a giant "fuck you" to Anthony, to Jason, the everyone else he met, to all female impersonators, to the world at large, to anyone who even sneezes too close to his imperial being - that it was a complete desecration of his father's memory, someone he was crying over before because he felt like Anthony had stolen is life.I don't see why the two of them get together at all. The rest of the characters are all really ill-defined. I can't feel any sympathy for them at all. It's all a bunch of melodramatic/histironic gestures and macho posturing all around.The best characters were Daniel and Michael, and they're dead.Michael is a bit idealized (ha) but that's understandable.