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Let It Go - Mercy Celeste There are time skips. They're really weird and kind of hard to follow. Idk if it was just my copy or what, but there was no formatting or indicator headings. There were section breaks, but there were section breaks elsewhere, too (or so it seemed). As such, the continuity was confusing and jerky.I also had a hard time figuring out who was who. I think Tom is Judge Buchanan and Randy is Deputy Buchanan/Randy. And all of the vagueness. Which old man are they talking about? And then random name-drops...I mean, you kind of get it after a while. It's confusing when the transitioning happens, but once you extrapolate the text to a certain point and draw some conclusions, it kind of falls into place.It needs to be swallowed whole, though, and that can be kind of hard to take.The reveals are rather anticlimactic. It's like in The Prestige; the reason he fails isn't because of his trick but because of his presentation. The lack of flair in his presentation. The same thing happens with this book.