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Bonding - C.B. Conwy The cover is stupid. The narration in the beginning is really stiff and awkward. It speeds through a lot of the salient points regarding the universe and fantasy species, which I think could have used with a little bit more elaboration, although the way it's written, any more elaboration would have been clunky. Hmm...quite a conundrum. Without more clarification, it's a bit esoteric. With more, it would be info-dump-y.*sighOdd gimmicks, awkward gimmicks, kind of really stupid gimmicks.I'm starting to dislike the ties-into-RL-history gimmicks, so this book has the unfortunate "honor" of facing my displeasure because of its uses of such.I thought the sex was sadly hilarious. It was quite ridiculous. This quote is beautiful:Robbie raised an eyebrow. He was annoyingly good at it. On the other hand, he had to be, with the training he put in.I'm glad these Himika put effort into eyebrow-raising training. It must be such a valuable skill for them to have.I dunno. I don't quite like the race. It feels like a cop-out...or a kinkmeme. Tags are space, elves, magic, advanced technology, bonding. *shrugI got bored.DNF @ ~31%