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The Pauper Prince (Changing Moon, #1) - Sui Lynn I don't get it. This thing would have comma errors, among them comma splices, and run-ons, then turn around and demonstrate correct usage of semi-colons.It's got heart-warming parts, and then it's got awkward word-vomit/info-dump parts. Wtf, man.It gets a bit melodramatic later...histrionic.I mean, it settles after a couple of dissonant moments.It's weird that Lance refers to the wolf as a separate entity.COMMA SPLICES. ASEJFASLKD;FJ2SLKFBADS4JKGNQWEJLKB3DMSNCA.DSKFNDS=6AJFNAKJDSHFBDJKGah. There are even numbers in that jumble.And a run-on.ME-lo-drama. ME-lo-drama. melodrama. melodrama. Melodaaaaa-aaa-ma. (Imagine that to the tune of Handel's Hallelujah Chorus).Jack and Jill - I mean Joe - seem rather caricature-y at times.And another thing...YAY! Rainbow-colored wolves! Because those aren't obvious at all. Well, at least there's no blue wolf this time, right?Did I mention the commas? Commas are needed to offset appellations. "I will love you for forever."...Go back to school. Oh, wait. These magical beings couldn't go to school.Okay, nvmd then.OH WAIT A MINUTE DIDN'T THAT ANDREW GUY GET TAKEN TO UNIVERSITY WITH THE OVERWROUGHTLY MYSTERIOUS AND SPOOKY STEPHON GUY OR WHATEVER YEAH HE DID DIDN'T HE HE DID OMG SO HE CAN GO BACK TO SCHOOLYeah. Because punctuation is for losers.And this is kind of a personal thing, but I've always thought "have" contractions are weird when "have" is used as a possessive verb (I have a coat --> I've a coat) as opposed to when it's used as an auxilary verb (I've thought, from previously in this sentence).I tried saying it out loud a couple of times and I notice I do kind of run the words together. It's like a half-contraction. Actually, more commonly is "I've got a coat."Oh, America.Do other countries speak like this or is the "I've got" and American thing?Another awkward thing is I read Sinner's Gin in the middle of reading this, so I'm all confused about backstories now. The MC...Oh! Lance, right?Wasn't he a foster kid, too?Something about how they all shunned...Wait. Or was that the Alchemy Mates thing?No, I think it was that thing.Hmm...I don't remember if he got abused or not...wait. No. He ran away before it could happen, right?Oh. Right. Lance is the magically artistically talented dude. I get it. His character wasn't as strong as Miki's so everytime I try to access the memory file of an abused fostercare child, Miki comes up.Actually, the entirety of SG was pretty strong...But it's okay. Little details are slowly filtering back as I keep reading.The referring-to-wolf-as-separarate-entity-slash-"he" thing is still really weird.The little aspects seem really gimmicky. The whole "I give you armband, I become woman and you are now my man" thing was a little - okay, a lot - gimmicky.NOOOOOO HOW DARE YOU PUT A COMMA WHERE IT'S UNNECESSARY?"The drones attacked, and were incredibly fast."Reroute that comma.The weird pseudo-battle got really, really Twilight.And dude. That's gross, man. The thing where Lance's saliva apparently magically heals wounds. He licks that damn festering wound, man. That's gross.OMG WTF. The burning vamp pieces even have hints of the sickly-sweet scent whatever of Twilight vampies.I think reading Sinner's Gin in the midst of reading this was a mistake. That was so intense that anything this attempts to do along the whole "I've been so screwed up" strain just...falls flat.I think Lance has a bit too much Mary-Sue-ness going on about him for me to really buy into/sympathize with him. Which is a pity.Eh. Meh.I think in and of itself, it's not bad, but as I said above, I read Sinner's Gin.And it's still melodramatic, which doesn't help.And yet again, another gimmick with the OMG UBER-COINCIDENCE. All in all, I guess it wasn't bad. Honestly, though, 3 stars is kind of pushing it. Actually, nope. I changed my mind. All of the comma problems have prompted me to downgrade its rating. Sorry (not really).