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Catalyst - Claire Russett Argh. I'm very angry where it ended because of the periphery world. I think the world had a lot of potential that was, ultimately, unrealized. There could have been so much more done with it and so much more explained. Instead, the focus was slightly off-kilter. I mean, the book's not bad for what it is. It is after all, a romance.It's just...it could have been so much more. Instead, it ends with sex. Gah. I mean, I get why they would do that - to make more money (and I can't completely begrudge them that) - but it draws me out of the story and kind of makes me more reluctant to go on to the next book.I suppose this probably isn't much of a problem for other people...*shrugAh, well. I don't care. It's my prerogative to take this as seriously as I want.Hmm...do I need a shelf for "I kinda liked it"?