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What Worse Place Can I Beg in Your Love? - Syd McGinley ...damn...just...damn...Honestly speaking, I'm pretty damn speechless right now. It's amazingly written. Brilliantly written. Disturbing on a very basic level, but still oddly fascinating in a nuclear-bomb-explosion sort of way. The concepts are incredibly fascinating in an incredibly disturbing way, but the story itself is amazingly worked.The blurb is weird. Oddly benign. I may have read it a while ago but I hadn't remembered it when I read it. It puts the entire story in a weird light. A weirdly attempting-to-be-functional light. I mean, according to our standards, it's a fairly straight-forwards case of Stockholm and whatnot. I suppose it's all a matter of perspective?Thought-provoking in a weird way. It has me wondering about cultural perception in our own world. Hmm...certainly bears consideration.ETAI get the blurb now. It's written in the first person narrator's POV. In a sense, it's building on the ideas McGinley evokes in this story. That puts the blurb in a creepy new light... O_O