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Puppy Love - Jeff Erno The blurb really annoys me. First off, there's rhetorical question tackiness. Second off, it comes off as too "this is novel and revolutionary! This challenges social constructs and pushes you to question what you've always thought of as set in stone! This will blow your mind!"Please. Shut up.Comments I made while reading:O_oThis one's weird cuz it seems like it's heavily implying that all gay guys are kinky. They have to, by rule, be kinky. There is no such thing as a vanilla gay guy. Gay and kinky are synonymous. The gays are the subs and the bi's are the Doms. Always. Because liking pussy means they're manlier and jock-y-er and in general more toppy.I was seriously craving some breaking of this "status quo."It's also got piss play, which is, to say the least, nmk. post-read (sort of) edit:O_OOh, yeah. It blew my mind. In a really bad, really squicky, really, really creepy way.This book really scares me. Petey seems the epitome of codependence and really young and impressionable. And Matt seems like a self-centered, abusive jerk-ass. Drew and Alex kind of worried me at first, but then I think they actually have something that works. Maybe it seems this way because Drew doesn't read like a 14 year old.It worries me, though, because Drew seems to assume that Petey is of the same mental maturity as he (he's 28, I think) when the narration seems to make Petey really, really young. D: STAHP, DREW. STAHP. YOU'RE DISSEMINATING FAULTY INFORMATION TO THE WRONG AUDIENCE.DNF @ ~50%...more or less...And another thing...How the fuck does democracy factor into this? Stop, author. Just stop. You're trying too hard to make your niche genre work more generally appealing/applicable. It ain't gonna work. That's not how society works.Admittedly, the characterization squicked me out since I felt like I was reading child porn, so maybe there's some deep, subliminal social criticism here about how humans should stop fighting for equality and just accept that some people are created better. Some people are born to dominate and some are born to be dominated and objectified and mentally broken down.I'm sorry, but I can't find anything uplifting about Petey's experiences. Maybe that comes later on and there's some kind of magical epiphany moment all around, but unless I know for sure it's coming, I don't think I can force myself to keep reading.From the blurb:"In Puppy Love, Petey Drinkell discovers the true nature of power," (subs must allow Doms to take over all aspects of their lives. Their silence is their tacit informed consent.)"its role in sexual relationships," (there is no such thing as power exchange. Power is distributed only to those who are "superior." He is not one of the superior. The Dom is allowed to be as much of an inconsiderate jackass as he wants because it is in his rights as a superior being.)"and his own role in the power structure." (as the mindless slave. No, not even a slave. He's just a "cum-hole." All the time. That's all he is. Pretty literally. [Well, I suppose he's also Matt's punching bag and whipping boy for when he's feeling bored and sadistic...]) "Puppy Love is perhaps the world's first gay BDSM coming-of-age novel." (the same way [b:What Worse Place Can I Beg in Your Love?|4827407|What Worse Place Can I Beg in Your Love?|Syd McGinley|http://d.gr-assets.com/books/1222650520s/4827407.jpg|4892568] is definitely a "BDSM coming-of-age novel." For those who can no longer distinguish my thick sarcasm from what I actually mean, I'm being sarcastic. What Worse Place is definitely NOT SSC. The narrator is so unreliable he gives Poe's narrator's a run for their money.)*shuddersI feel like I need to purge myself.