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The Trouble With Angel - J.M. Cartwright This. This is zany and out there and I like it.The chapter breaks are terrible.Angel seems rather...ADHD/Bi-polar at time *cough cough* most of the time.He is such a queen it's not even funny.I didn't even mind the sex. That is, not until it got to the rimming part. And then I kind of sat and thought about what problems I had. I think it's cuz of the small measure of mysophobia I got going on. In the end, it's still and asshole and it's still where the shit is expelled from your body. Now, I don't know the exact science behind what's stored in which exact part of the gut and whatnot, but scat is definitely, definitely nmk, so it's always a concern that floats at the back of my mind when I'm reading these kinds of things.The kids seemed like kids, yet weren't really overly annoying like they were (or rather, it was) in Purrfect Match. It struck me how realistic these kids seemed. The author must actually spend a lot of time with kids. (Idle thoughts that went through my head)At least with a dick, there's no danger of eating shit...I liked it, yeah.