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Sebastian's Wolves - Valentina Heart This was weird. I actually don't know if I liked it or not, but it's not badly written.The beginning kind of squicked me. I couldn't quite shake the impulse that Sebby is an abusive bastard and Tim's falling into the codependency thing or other. It just seemed like Sebby was doing his best to justify the crappy way he treated Tim. I couldn't get a read on what Tim really thought since it was from Seb's POV. Did he really want the whatever or was it just Seb projecting?Seb's reaction to Tim's death is actually quite good. The moment of slight necrophilia wasn't really that; it was that The English Patient thing.I liked how tortured Seb was and how well written that part was. The rest of it with Eshan...I dunno. I'm torn about that. I did like that that relationship didn't seem as one-sided as the Tim one didWell, there was good angst.Oh, yeah. I also liked that it was so raw. I liked how the author worked that into the whole "that's how (her) wolves are" thing so it wasn't just "wow. These guys are jackasses."It was an interesting dynamic and one that I don't really seem to see that often. The whole dominating/submitting part seemed like an inherent part of the wolves' nature and not just wish fulfillment like so many other shifter romances.