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Reclaiming Love - V.L. McElfresh This was actually amazingly good.The balance between the plot and sex was very good. The sex wasn't intrusive, yet was worked into the plot in a way that it couldn't exactly be ignored, and not just because the characters would have incongruously meaningful conversations during sex.It was beautifully written and wonderfully realistic. I got angst, but it didn't feel like wangst to me, which is always gratifying.This kind of reminds me of the way I felt about the movie Pursuit of Happyness. It's amazing and so damn profound, but not necessarily something I'd want to reread, at least not immediately because it's so engaging that it sucks you right in that you're almost living it vicariously and then pummels you with something so damn deep that it leaves you shaken to the freaking core. On a lesser scale. I'd say this one definitely lets you down a little more gently...Welp, now that I've done all the melodramatic whatevers, let me say this: it's definitely a good read and very well written. The main characters are so damn cute and none of it rang of melodrama to me. 11/4/12 ETAOkay, this didn't hold up to the scrutiny of time. In rereading, first off, I found several grammatical errors, most of which were misused homophones. The most egregious by far was "Afternoon with a Fawn." I looked it up cuz I got curious, only to find that it actually should be Faun. No wonder the sentence read so weird. ("but he loved the image of the fawn preying on a helpless maiden.").Also, it is rather melodramatic. It has its nice parts, but there are parts that were rather...meh. Still, it wasn't completely terrible, so while I did decrease my rating by one star, it still gets a 4, which is pretty high.