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Shattered Secrets - Diane  Adams, RJ Scott Okay, the main reason this book has such a high rating is because Jaime is such a woobie and I have an extreme soft spot for well-written woobies. There are some weird character flaws with Rob going on, but he was mostly a plot device for me (anything for the sake of Jaime's happiness!) so w/e.Oh, these tragic innocent heroes. Why do I love you so much? Actually, I do kind of have an answer to that. I've theorized that it's probably because I know I'll never be one of them. I'd be too...calculating. Long years of reading novels has left me too knowledgeable about human nature in some ways and too jaded in others. I could go on, but I won't burden you with an existential crisis here in the review pane, so yeah.Weird, but not bad. Not bad at all. Very endearing in many ways. It has all the elements I like. The Innocent One, the Alpha Male, the "I respect you enough to take turns"/"I'm not a complete bigotted asshole," the intrigue, the pseudo-brainwashing thing, the sex slave trafficking thing, that kid with the trauma and the memory loss thing, stuff, yeah... It even has a kitty :DETA nvmd. Changed it to a 3. It's still a high three, though. Like, a 3.75 because it's got stuff I like. As a more holistic evaluation, though, it's probably more of a 3...ETA:Hmm...It's overly explicative - tries to impart too much information in too little time - and rather overwrought at times, but still explores emotions and such.But then...Jamie's 20, isn't he? How the hell is he a teen or underage then?Despite all that, I liked the explorations into the breaking element. It's something that I can see as conceivable, but haven't encountered yet. It adds a tone of darkness that gives it depth, despite the quick overall escalation of the plot/romance.I mean, it's kind of like insta-love because you're not quite sure if Rob really does dislike wolves or not - but it doesn't matter because he quickly comes to accept his mate wholeheartedly. But if you get over that/past that part, then it's quite enjoyable. I rather liked their character interactions; it was just too cute.And the kitty at the end...That beautiful metaphoric cherry on top.