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Taken - Chloe Stowe Weird-ish. I don't quite know if it's interesting.Still...kind of good-ish?It's told semi-in media res and the continuity is a little bit hard to pick up on at first.Ending was a bit rushed, but not bad, I guess.(ETA: Half-way through writing this review, I apparently fell asleep [that's what I get for sitting on my bed, I guess...] and woke up, stared at the screen, had no idea what else to write, and just clicked "save." The following is actually from a comment you can see below, but explains more my take so I just copy+pasted it here :D)It's not badly written, which makes it at least tolerable. There were some interesting parts. I gave it a higher rating cuz it has an element I absolutely love and it was well-written, but I'd probably rate the overall a 3. There are parts where I feel like could have been explained/developed more to help flesh out the overall work. It's, as I said, not a bad read. It's just not really particularly stellar either.It's like eating enough to take the edge off your hunger and maybe a bit extra. You do eat some really good food and you no longer feel like you're starving, but you're also not completely satiated either.