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A Life as a Ghost [Romeo & Julian 3] (Siren Publishing Allure ManLove) - K, it's a not-quite-thriller, but it still sucked me in.Wait for it...wait for it...WHAT. How the FUCK could it end where it did? HOW DARE THE FUCKING AUTHOR LEAVE IT OFF ON SUCH A NON-END-NOTE? GOD FUCKING DAMN IT. HOW THE FUCK IS THAT- NO. I. No. Just. ASERJAKDFGHASD;JKFHADJS;FHJ;I'd say there better be a sequel, but I don't think there's ever going to be anything more. It's possible there might, but for some reason I feel like we're not going to get more *cryAnd whooo what a nasty little web of intrigue. It gets to the point where it's almost ridiculous.Yes, this ends in an HFN. GDI. Ah. I almost forgot to mention. I reject the cover models and substitute my own. And I still think that odd note is rather superfluous.