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A Talent in Your Lies - Sage Marlowe Way too brief, man. If I'm procrastinating on my calculus homework for this, I want a bit more substance.Then again, this could be a message to me to stop procrastinating and get on with it.It really was too brief, though. I mean, this thing had its own plot and all, but in the long run of the relationship between Julian and Romeo, we still don't know a lot...Anyways, theories as to Romeo's real name! Apparently, Romeo's the closest Julian's ever going to get to a real name. Now, this can mean a number of things. (1)It sounds a lot like his "real" name. (2)It's the only name/alias he actually cares about because it comes from someone he loves (awww. No. Not really). (3)It's part of his original name somehow - middle name? And so on.Now, his parents died in France, so it's possible his name is French. Romaine? Remy?*shrug. Maybe one day all will be revealed.Still don't quite get the point of the note. It's not like that'd be earth-shattering news.