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Rhapsody for Piano and Ghost - Z.A. Maxfield THERE IS A CASE OF MISTAKEN IDENTITY. This is one of my top pet peeves, when an author gets xer own characters' names mixed up.But other than that, it was good. I didn't really write anything else during the thing, which means I didn't really have much to complain about. Then again, I read part of it on my phone, so I wouldn't have been near the computer to type out anything.*shrugI don't have much to say, actually....this makes me think of when it's awkwardly quiet on ANTM. Nigel, I think, said it's not a good thing when the judges can't think of anything to say.But no, I liked it. Julian and Serge were absolutely adorable. I liked that they incorporated into the story and neither overpowered nor seemed superfluous. Fitz has got too many problems for me to even start on that child.