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Rough Canvas - Joey W. Hill This book is absolutely fantabulously amazing. It's just...the characters are so amazingly developed and there's so much hidden depth... It's like the entire book illustrates its point about the hidden depths in the characters and how things are not initially what they seem and whatnot. It's deeply spiritual in a philosophical way, but also in a strangely transcendent way.And I figured it out. I'm a sucker for hurt/comfort. That's why I'm such a sucker for Woobies...(Just a note, I read this book as a standalone, as I have not read the others and really don't have any interest in doing so in the near-future, not any future I can think of. I briefly considered it since I thought there might be some glimpses at backstory or whatever when I first read this many, many moons ago, but I was really ironically squeamish/uninterested in m/f before and thought there was enough backstory that searching for more really wasn't necessary. Actually, I think I DID try Natural Law cuz I like the whole undercover element the blurb said it had, but then got bored...I think I disliked the character interactions...or lack thereof. Or something [It was a long time ago; don't judge me *melodramatic false-cringe]). But this story...I'm tempted to start one of those heap systems that Emma's got going to differentiate absolutely amazingly awe-inspiring favorites vs "I found it funny and enjoyable" favorites...but I won't)