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Strength of the Pack - Kendall McKenna It kind of feels a bit like everything up to Hammond's introduction is just built around concept. It's all very incidental and we're just kind of biding our time before the real show begins.Actually, it may be the writing style. It's different. It's not so narrative, per se. It's more...formal. A bit stiff at times, but once you find the cadence (...pun not really intended) and settle into it, you find that it actually fits the subject quite well.It just seems so...mundane. It's very different from any other werewolf m/m book I've ever read before and had me on the initial verge of calling bullshit, but it's all good cuz my patron quote kicked in.It's interesting because it seems so mundane. The whole werewolf thing is just taken in stride. It was kind of nice cuz there wasn't a whole bunch of mystification and shit.There were parts that were really, really weird to me, but again. Patron quote and all that. I tried to open my mind and be more descriptive than prescriptive. Their flirting was kind of stupid and dorky, but it was adorable and believable because of that. It certainly brought a smile to my face.Anyways, to address Adriana's question of why a True Alpha would need a Dominant, I present some WMG that actually kind of embarasses me to think about.My first instinct was to call bullshit on the use of the term "Dominant" and "Alpha" in relations to the human part of the whole bond thing. I thought that those terms had connotative implications that weren't necessarily true.As the book progressed, though, I could see that it did, in many ways, make sense. It's actually kind of like the idea of human D/s (at its "purest" form, in a way). The sub submits, but xe does so because xe chooses to submit. IN the same way, the True Alpha chooses to submit to his(/her?) Dominant. ("Noah chuckled. 'We're nobody's pets, sir.'")The purpose of the Dominant in this case is to act as a sort of steadying force. The True Alpha has extreme control over other weres, but the Dominant exerts a lot of control over the True Alpha (argh, now this has me worrying about hypothetical cases in which the Dominant abuses his power...). A good example illustrating this point is in Chap 7-Chap 8, after the pack go on their run and they're decompressing (they're in Afghanistan [Toscano] already at this point, I believe).The conversation between Lucas and Tim in Chap 8 especially illustrate my point.Anyways, I think McKenna uses "Dominant" here the way most other books would use "mate" (or "Alpha Mate," as it were). (But then there'd be times when Lucas goes all Sir on Noah...)(later ETA: I totally called the Mate thing.)Anyways, I'm kind of sad-panda'ing right now cuz I really wanted Noah to topI like the reciprocity of Noah and Lucas' relationship.As I said before, I like the demystification of it all. The way the history stuff was tied in was nice, but not overbearing.The overall story is absolutely amazing. The disparate elements are nicely balanced and interwoven. Noah and Lucas really are too cute for words. They make me have the warm fuzzies >.