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The Alpha's Concubine - Shannon West I'm very tempted to "kill this with fire," but I think I shall restrain myself.The "relationship" dynamics are very yaoi. Too yaoi for me.There's emotional and characterization whiplash all over the place.The two are A Match Made in Stockholm (on both sides) and their "romance" is just a series of Stockholm/Lima/mate "instinct" bullshit.They come together, fall into codependency, and live HEA. Inexplicably.It also annoyed me how much they castigated prince+co.You can't say, "Yeah, extenuating circumstances" and then go and basically bitch them out. I can see them maybe being chastised for not even trying to appeal to the Alliance (or whatever term they used) but other than that, I think it was kind of a gross overreaction.Prince-dude's total change of heart towards the end was really random. Came out of nowhere. Except Stockholm. A very sudden onset of Stockholm.And Nick's an abusive bastard.Nevertheless, the grammar was at least half-way decent so I'll be generous and grant a second star.End of August 2013 reread:I was in a dark place and looking for something not-bubbly and happy-making. Upping it one star because compared to the other books, it had subtle nuances that were subtle and integrated. And also because in comparison, Nicky and Jag (with the shitty names), have probably the most healthy relationship out of all of everyone in this series.It annoys me the way they perceive that curse thing though. It's nothing really overt, but it's clear they regard it as something terrible and horrible and to be endured and I suppose that's partly why the relationships are all so dysfunctional.