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Prisoner 374215 - Angel Martinez The ending seemed like a bit of a cop-out, but...I dunno...time constraints and all?I mean, it was a nice wrap-up that didn't quite slow it down, but the fact that it was an elementary primer kind of creeped me out, just a little bit.I feel like I've seen this before, though. The "history lesson wrap-up" method of ending. It was also a "restricted freedom and personal choice" book, so it seemed really weird.It's like on Internet Icon when Joule Thief/Alex made that reminiscent-prop-challenge-vid and Ryan Higa's like "...I pm just made something like this..." (it literally was just coincidence; he wasn't even aware that Ryan Higa had a video like that).I doubt I'll be able to locate the other book now, but maybe it rings some bells to other people? MC is framed for some kind of crime, so he's taken into this government-sanctioned slave service thing as a result. One of the main points is the whole public breaking thing. However, (stuff happens) and he manages to reveal the person who framed him and the other dude had a public breaking. I forget if the MC...Nvmd I found it (spend way too long trawling through my read books, searching for a phantom)[b:A Dish Served Cold|9743077|A Dish Served Cold|Andrew Ashling|http://d202m5krfqbpi5.cloudfront.net/books/1292128709s/9743077.jpg|14344196]-ending this particular tangent short here-It was nicely evocative, even if I did think the ending was a bit...weirdly similar to that other one...