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Above the Dungeon - S.M.   Johnson ...I'm being transported between weird parallel universes...So...wait. Who are the MCs? It's like there's a story, and then there's a spin-off story but instead of making it an actual spin-off, the author just slapped it in between the story."Dare" is clearly TSTL. There was too much idiotic emphasis on the gimmicky country mouse, city mouse thing. And then, right as you're getting your bearings, the focus splits, fractures, breaks off to first person and a totaly different character, leaving you reeling and quite in momentary shock.Once I got over being put off by the fracturing of focus and started settling into it, it wasn't bad.I found that I didn't really care that much for Dare, though, and invariably skipped around to read about Jeff.It's odd because it's like a middle ground between fluffy kink and the really intense stuff edging on scary possible abuse. I dunno, man. I dunno. The emotions felt real, though. At least Jeff's narration. There was this edge of despair to certain parts that gave it a legitimacy...The ending was stupid. It cuts off with a hint of something, a half-assed resolution, and a clear lead-on for you to get the second book.*sigh