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The Hunter's Omega Mate - Marcy Jacks There was a comment about currents and clothing that was kind of weird. I mean, I get the reason behind the phrase; it was to create that bit of momentary, but excusable doubt so the big reveal later wouldn't be completely stupid, but it backfires because it makes sense. Taking the clothes off, that is. Not so much as to not weigh him down, though, as to minimize how much the current throws you around. It's a strong current. I'd think you want to give it as little ammunition as possible. If you're wearing clothes, not only would you have to fight against the current, but you'd also have to fight against your clothes being dragged by the current dragging you around. It'd been more believable if the author had Isaac stare at Tristan, stare at the strength of the current, and wonder how the hell Tristan could have dragged himself through that current, never mind him with him.Still, it's pulp, so I suppose I shall have to excuse it. It did try so hard, after all.I probably also would have weirded over the fact this stranger dude is apparently hiking around in flip-flops.Having Isaac even consider that Tristan might be hiding from werewolves while he still thought him human was stupid. It would only have worked if there was some paragraph thing earlier about how he observed this sort of sadness, some sort of darkness in his past. Some line about "the shadow of loss." Maybe a little something about Tristan going quiet at times. Then you can have Isaac venture the speculation about werewolves, which would then make that line in the diner okay. I'm completely overanalyzing this, but that's okay.There was some excessive line about why a slinking stranger had to be a man (as opposed to a woman) with a really stupid justification that was completely unnecessary. The time the author put into that long-ass line should have been put elsewhere. The stranger is slinking in the shadows, yes, but we're going to assume Isaac (1) is not blind and (2) does not have shitty eyesight [no mention of him needing glasses] so it's okay for you to go out on that limb and go ahead and not explain. Also, the stranger was heading towards them, which means Isaac would only be able to get better and better looks at him. Sheesh.And the first separation...I get it. Isaac ain't thinking clearly. He feels betrayed and shit. But damn, think about it.The rest of it...I dunno. I read it mechanically. At some point, my interest in the shallow angst faded and I kind of let myself zone my way through it.