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The Werewolf Affair [DeWitt's Pack 14] (Siren Publishing Everlasting Classic ManLove) - Marcy Jacks 4 because though this series appears to be of the pulp-romance variety, it does bring up some interesting issues and good points beyond the obligatory sex and insta-love/mating romance. I was a little bothered by the whole homosexuality as a natural population suppressor thing because that argument just always bothers me. To me, that sounds like arguing that we just have to be resigned to accept it since it's a necessary evil.Anyways, I was also a little leery about the "his heart stopped twice and Isaac had to give him CPR, and then we dunked him under water" as if that would revive him thing. *shrugs. I guess Jacks gets some artistic licence since they ARE werewolves so she can, to some degree, ignore basic human physiology...?Argh it bothers me, the whole "CPR is good enough to start a heart" because that rings too much of Hollywood logic to me, but again, artistic-licence-because-of-werewolf-ness and whatnot.'Course, there's also the awkwardness associated with starting a series toward its ending, but w/e.