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I Was An Alien Cat Toy - Ann Somerville It was good-ish, but I thought that, given the plot, the title was really melodramatic. I mean, the parts that might have dealt with abuse were really skimmed over. We're told second hand about it, but it's not really as compelling for that. It seems to just dive into Temin finding Gredar (was that his name?) and then them living all happy-like and stuff. The rape scene was abbreviated and the implications skimmed over. Yeah, he was somewhat traumatized, but he kind of just...took it in stride, it seemed.Overall, I feel like this kind of wanted to be dark fic, but in the end, it wasn't. And then when he just left G behind...that was weird. It wasn't really resolved. It was like the author resisted having 'em develop feelings for each other, and then they do, and then they separate.I also have to say that while the broken grammar was part of the style, it got to a point where it was incredibly exasperating to read.It's rare that I put a book I've read through and rather liked in my dnr shelf, but I really don't think I want to reread this for fun. It just...wasn't really dramatic. Melodramatic at times, annoyingly so. I feel like all the content depth is there; it's just the presentation/execution that causes the entire thing to fall short.This is a rather tame exploration into this sort of genre. It's nice-ish, but ultimately, seemed more like a fluff read to me. The more dark stuff probably shouldn't have been fade-to-black or happened-before. That would have helped with the impact. Honestly, I'm not saying this is bad, because it wasn't, but if you're searching for something more disturbingly visceral on a profoundly deep level, then I recommend [b:What Worse Place Can I Beg in Your Love|4827407|What Worse Place Can I Beg in Your Love?|Syd McGinley|http://d202m5krfqbpi5.cloudfront.net/books/1222650520s/4827407.jpg|4892568]. It's short, but really packs a punch.That one, though, do not be fooled by the rather innocuous blurb.Overall, this book wasn't bad. Prolly better for those who want a more tame "dark" fic. *shrugs.9/6/13 reread:Some of the conclusions reached are a bit of a stretch, but I suppose it moves the plot along...The idea that the daiyne can read Terran writing, though...that one doesn't work by any stretch of imagination. Sure, maybe Gredar could realize the scratches are regular and purposeful, but not what they would stand for. It'd be like if I tried to read Korean. I'd know the characters stood for something, but not what they stood for and definitely not what corresponding sounds go with what symbol.The idea of these cat-people being able to speak English...(or Terran, whatever it is) that doesn't quite work. I mean, I guess we aren't given a lot of indication of what sounds these cat people are capable of making, but I'm pretty sure it says they converse with growls, purrs, chirps. The names, also, now that I think of it...The weird thing about names is that they're usually literally those sounds, even if they mean something else. Like the Kirin thing. I'd think Temin should have been able to pick up that they kept referring to him as "Kirin" eventually, even if he didn't know it meant "bald one." He never does, though, which leads me to believe the author treated names like the rest of language, in that it needs to be translated before it can be understood.Other than those lapses in logic (they're pretty big things, but Homer does the same thing in The Odyssey. Not that that's any excuse, but it happens. A lot... =_=), it's interesting and thought-provoking in a non-exasperating way.The language thing is kind of a big deal, though. It's actually starting to bother me quite a lot since it's featuring so much. Which is highly unfortunate, since I'm apparently only about a third of the way through rereading.The hygiene thing...but...they're cats. And they have fur. All over. Including their hands. Paws. Whatever. They love hygiene and they don't have utensils? Ah, well I suppose claws might suffice? But...I dunno. It feels like they ought to have more utensils than just knives...The leather washcloth things. I'll admit I don't know much about leather, but using leather as washcloths sounds really...stupid. Does leather even absorbs water? In a non-clammy way? Cuz it is dead animal skin. I suppose they wouldn't really have anything else, but it still seems...I didn't like the ending very much. It seemed too much like running away from the issues and ignored a bunch of overarching problems with lying about the existence of the daiyne. Just you watch. He probably dies before he can tell anyone. It feels like that kind of thing.