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Out of the Dungeon (Dungeon #2) - S.M.   Johnson Johnson's writing is crazy. Crazy good or crazy bad, I have no idea. It's...different than my typical fare. Which isn't to say it's bad. It just took me a while to get used to. Even then, the plot...it really isn't idealized. There's tons of stuff I didn't like, that I didn't want to read, because they intrude on my beautiful fantasy world of "stuff goes this way."Jeff's initial internal narration was epic. And then plot happened, and it became really weird. I dunno...the Dare thing...it was kind of like...why bother introduce him at all? It was like Amor en Retrogrado. The people I thought were MCs turned out not to be MCs and it was some other dude who for all intents and purposes ought to have been a side character, and I really didn't care about him, and why the heck is he the main character?