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Catch a Ghost  - S.E. Jakes I kind of liked it, and then I liked it, and then I wanted to like it, and then shit came to a head and it erupted into this big confused mass of clusterfuck and I had no idea what the hell was going on, so I couldn't tell if I liked it or not.below is a series of rather disjointed comments I had and made as I was readingat least i'm bothering to warn you this time...wait...is this paranormal?Cuz there's no way someone could just know something was wrong like that, right?It has to be paranormal.But beyond that, there are continuity issues. Ones that I might not have noticed if not for the startling edge of paranormality.Someone likened it to Cut and Run. I never liked Cut and Run. Maybe I need to take another look at Cut and Run and see if it appeals to me any better now than it did before. Then again, I don't really want to, because if I didn't like it before, there must have been a damn good reason. But then again, I also didn't like Uneven the first time I read that.I dunno. It's quite a conundrum.I suppose there's a level of barely suppressed angst that keeps it interesting for me. Oooh, I so love guilty consciences in my characters. It creates so much loathing and self-retribution. And I so love self-flagellation.No, I know what it is. These characters have dark pasts, and I absolutely love that. Especially when those dark pasts are still haunting them. If they've worked through their issues, then it doesn't really seem like a dark past anymore. It's just character background.Anyways, there are more minute continuity issues, which are irritating, but not debilitatingly so. And screw it, there are definite paranormal-y stuff going on. Certain comments that, while they may come off as mysogynistic to the uber-sensitive, actually make sense. Part of this realization came from me randomly surfing YouTube for Castiel stuff after I accidentally watched to the end of Season 8. There was this one random convention interview whatever clip in which the actors talked about the reunion thing and how that went down, and there was a comment one of them made about how the original script was really, well, gay and there were things that would have been extremely out of character for the characters to say because apparently Sera wrote the script for that and there were lines that were really "girly." Situation might not be ideal, but it's inescapable that in society as it is, there are certain things that are "man-ish" and certain things that are more "girly," and this story actually quite nicely evokes the way men seem to be in real life. I like this in a way I never liked Jakes' Men of Honor series.Jakes also doesn't ignore the fact that men can't really do multiple orgasms like women can. In my limited, never-been-a-male before experience, this seems very realistic.There also seems to be a lot of this time-warping thing going on. This inability to perceive time as it is laid out per logic. I suppose we can argue existentially that time is only how we perceive it, but still. There's a lot of this "it seemed like hours" and what not going on.You know, I realize just now that my reviews aren't very accomodating to anyone except for me, but only me as I'm reading whatever book it is at the time I wrote the review. ...Ah, well. This "talking him down from the wall" thing confuses me. Is it actually referring to "the ledge"? If so, which ledge?Anyways, apparently this ties into the Men of Honor series. I dunno. I rather liked getting to know Prophet from scratch. You know, without peripheral stuff affecting my impression of him. When all the shit came to a head, I had no idea da fuq was going on. I suppose maybe I do have to read the backstory shit throughout the other stuff... *sighAnyways, I wonder who's back that is on the cover for bk 2. I hope it makes more sense than bk 2, since I've already pre-ordered it.Maybe I'll have to go and brave the Men of Honor and whatnot series after all... *sigh