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Three in the Dungeon (Dungeon #3) - SM  Johnson Seeing as the only character I care about is Jeff (okay, fine. by extension, Roman, since clearly Jeff's made for Roman and Roman's made for Jeff and all that), I don't mind continuing, since Roman's only secondary and all this other shit is angst-fodder and I love suffering in my characters when there's a beautiful end in sight. Which isn't entirely true, but I'm unsatisfied with the way things ended for Jeff, who I see as the true MC in this series, and he deserves to push through to the end, whatever that may be.post-read EtAImma be honest with you. I don't give a shit about any of the people except Jeff, and by extension, Roman, but only as he relates to Jeff. I sat through pages and pages and pages and pages of stuff before the good stuff finally started coming, somewhere around 95%But then...It was getting good. And then it ended. And I know that's not the correct part of speech. Gah. It ended. I'm refraining from typing this in all caps, but I'm quite aggravated.Honestly, though, the reason I "finished" was because I skipped so much of it to begin with. *sigh