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Taken by the Alpha Wolf - Marcy Jacks Eh. I don't like it. It could have been good, but I seem to have a natural prejudice against authors that make their characters Scottish-y. First off, the transcribed accent is annoying to read and just looks off. Secondly, it's the sort of stupid gimmick I used to use when I wanted to create a false sense of mystery. Don't ask me why I did it; I have no idea either. Nonetheless, when characters go all Scottish-y (I say that because often, it's only vaguely like the impression of Scottish), it reminds me of stupid gimmicks I used before when I dabbled with writing in middle school. Added to that, the "accent" is inconsistent. It randomly goes to "ye" and "yer" when the character's been "speaking "you" and "you're" perfectly fine a couple of lines above.And then that pond. That stupid pond. That still bugs me. There are also certain proofreading errors. And you know, it occurs to me that if I ever bother to read this thing in order, I'd probably pick up some sort of continuity from this. There actually seems to be some kind of possibly interesting overplot going on.Well...it was amusing in a "...da fuq...?" sort of way, I suppose.