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Dragonblade - Mychael Black There's a lot of summarizing in the beginning. A lot of it.It's not so much plot interspersed with bits of sex as it is sex interspersed with bits of plot. There's...a lot of sex. The writing's not particularly great, the world creation's rather hazy at best, *sigh. I want it to be good, but it's not really that great, and I'm extrapolating to make it great. It's not terrible, you know. It's just...doesn't got that edge to it that makes it great. It's got all the potential to be a great epic high fantasy piece, but instead, it's like the best the author could do was prepare the pieces and lay them out for someone else to put together. Except it's provisionally strung together with bits of cliches. Which makes it also seemed rushed.Add to that the profusion of sex scenes and the rather vague characterization that becomes more apparently vague the more the author tries to keep at it...I dunno. I became uninterested in the hints of Kalen's dark past/angst, which is the main thing that drew me to this story.Everything's too laid out. There's not much tension, suspense, drama even. The drama is spelled out, not played out. There doesn't even really seem to be an enemy. Even the dude the author's trying to set up as the enemy isn't so enemy-like. He's got his token sob story that's supposed to make you feel sorry for him because his hand was forced, but it seems stupid because I, at least, don't really care. There's maybe one person who's actually an enemy, and he's dead-ish. Boring. Completely and utterly boring. *sigh. I am disappointed.