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Summer's Child - Cari Z. It's actually, now that I think of it, got a hint of A Midsummer Night's Dream to it, except with a penitent Oberon instead of a vengeful one. Titania's still her recalcitrant self.I like and hate that Oberon and Titania are clearly playing a game with each other, manipulating their Courts to act out their feud for them. I mean, they're absent until a conveniently dramatic time for their reappearance? Come on.It's interesting because I don't even think they really hate each other, but their Courts think they do and have become rabid in their loyalties.It was rushed, though, and that killed any sense of urgency there may have been. We didn't need to anticipate much, often because it would soon manifest anyways.This one kind of gets preachy, though, turning the whole "Love transcends" idea into an overly-expounded gimmick. Still, I suppose you could say it reflects Titania's Court with its sweetness and levity. I would have liked there to be a bit more unsettled mischief, though.